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But our work does give us a great platform for serving God and serving others.

This annual event is about cultivating godly leaders in the marketplace – men and women hungry to grow and lead spiritually, professionally and personally. Our line-up of world class speakers will address what defines a godly leader and how to practically integrate faith and vocation. Come ready to be inspired and catalyzed to join a movement of marketplace leaders leveraging their platforms for the advancement of the Kingdom.
You will be hearing from leaders across the country from Hollywood to Atlanta to our nation’s capital and beyond. Their messages will challenge and provoke you to action as we seek to impact culture through our roles in the marketplace.

2015 Speakers

Join Thousands of Leaders from Across the Country

The fourth annual America’s Best Hope conference is co-produced by EDGE Mentoring and Truth at Work. This leadership event will feature inspiring industry CEOs, relevant entertainment figures and thought leaders from around the country.

This event is all about cultivating godly leaders in the marketplace – men and women hungry to grow and lead spiritually, professionally and personally – and who are ready to make a difference in the world. The power house lineup of conference speakers will address seven qualities of godly leadership- Christ Centered, Character, Commitment, Courage, Competency, Catalyst, and Compassion.

Join us in equipping a generation of godly leaders in transforming the marketplace. The significance of these messages will have a ripple effect across the country to thousands of current and future leaders. With limited seating, we anticipate this year’s conference WILL sell out!

A catalytic event designed to launch a national mentoring movement to equip a generation of godly leaders in the marketplace.

Featuring a line-up of high impact and high profile speakers, from a wide variety of backgrounds (business, church, education, sports, etc.), this event will draw leaders from a variety of fields. Those leaders will come together to be challenged, catalyzed, and equipped to mentor emerging leaders toward spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Men and women of God in the marketplace have an enormous platform to influence their peers and colleagues toward a Gospel-centered life. Following the words of II Timothy 2:2, “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

We believe America’s Best Hope is a nation of godly leaders building and equipping other godly leaders.

1. Gather over 2,000 leaders together to be challenged, catalyzed and equipped.

2. Provide the needed tools and resources for the holistic mentoring to occur.

3. Serve as a catalytic event to scale Truth At Work’s EDGE Mentoring program

Truth At Work is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1998, Truth At Work specializes in working with Christian business owners and executives. Truth At Work helps these leaders build their businesses and organizations on proven biblical principles and practices while at the same time helping them to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Truth At Work is one of the fastest growing marketplace ministries in America and is established in over 24 markets.

Truth At Work offers workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations to help Christians understand biblical teachings on work, business, and career, and how to develop ministry platforms in the marketplace.

The primary function of Truth@Work is the Christian Business Roundtable. The Christian Business Roundtable is a monthly gathering of 8 to 15 Christian business owners and executives who come together for a half-day each month. Members participate in a highly structured and professionally facilitated model, leveraging a proven curriculum and format that equips its members for their Biblical leadership. The group also serves as a peer advisory board to one another.

Truth At Work is the host ministry for the event, and offers follow up products, programs, and services for individuals and organizations desiring proven follow up offerings after the event

After the America’s Best Hope event attendees will be able to:

· Leverage tools and resources provided to them at the event to mentor someone in their church or business
· Apply as a mentor or mentee to join a growing community of over 200 EDGE members across the world in Truth At Work’s EDGE Mentoring program

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