What is the America’s Best Hope event?

A catalytic event designed to launch a national mentoring movement to equip a generation of Godly leaders.

Featuring a lineupof high impact and high profile speakers, from a wide variety of backgrounds (business, church, education, sports, etc.), this event will draw leaders from a variety of fields. those leaders will come together to be challenged, catalyzed, and equipped to mentor and disciple other leaders to become all that God is calling them to be.

Why the name America’s Best Hope?

You don’t have to look far to understand American is in crisis.  We face huge challenges on every front:  unprecedented financial issues, a national debt that far exceeds our current ability to repay it, and many cities are being decimated and even falling into bankruptcy. We have a leadership vacuum in nearly every walk of life:  business leaders making decisions based on personal greed rather than on what will benefit markets; government leaders making decisions based more on how to get re-elected and what is best for their political party over what is best for our country; and the Church’s influence and impact on our culture is in rapid decline.

How did we get here, and what is the solution?

We got here because we have “lost our way.” For the most part, our country has abandoned our Biblical heritage and we have allowed the culture to become corrupted. While we must get our financial house in order, the solution is not one of economics. All of our problems are rooted in spiritual depravity.

It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to rise up. It is time for Godly leadership to be deeply entrenched in every aspect of our society. It is time for Godly leaders to equip, mentor, and disciple other leaders one at a time.

We believe America’s Best Hope is a nation of Godly leaders building and leading other Godly leaders.

What are the goals of the event?

1. Gather 1,500 to 2,000 leaders together to be encouraged, catalyzed, and challenged

2. Provide the needed tools and resources for the mentoring and discipling to occur

3. Begin the process of matching Mentors with Mentees

4. Serve as a catalytic event to scale Truth@Work’s EDGE Mentoring program

Who is Truth@Work?

Truth@Work is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1998, Truth@Work specializes in working with Christian business owners and executives. Truth@Work helps them build their businesses and organizations on proven Biblical principles and practices, while balancing the demands placed on them as leaders, and helping them to grow: personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Truth@Work is one of the fastest growing marketplace ministries in America, and is established in over 24 markets.

Truth@Work offers workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations to help Christians understand Biblical teachings on work, business, and career, and how to develop ministry platforms in the marketplace.

The primary function of Truth@Work is the Christian Business Roundtable. The Christian Business Roundtable is a monthly gathering of 8 to 15 Christian business owners and executives who come together for a half-day each month. Members participate in a highly structured and professionally facilitated model, leveraging a proven curriculum and format that equips its members for their Biblical leadership. The group also serves as a peer advisory board to one another.

To learn more about Truth@Work Click Here

What role does Truth@Work play in the America’s Best Hope event?

Truth@Work is the host ministry of the America’s Best Hope event.

The event is designed to increase awareness of Truth@Work’s EDGE Mentoring program, and invite them to participate in the program as either a Mentor or Mentee.

To learn more about Edge Mentoring Click Here

What is EDGE Mentoring?

EDGE Mentoring is a virtual mentoring network that brings together 4 to 8 high capacity, young, and emerging leaders who have a desire to lead, and a passion for Christ. Those leaders are then matched with a committed EDGE Mentor. The EDGE Mentor helps them sharpen their spiritual, personal, and professional edge so they can lead and live at a higher level.

Each EDGE Group meets in a virtual environment and follows a proven “turn-key” curriculum and model to help them grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

During the virtual meetings, participants process current and relevant issues in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. A wide variety of resources and tools are a part of the model including: cutting edge literature, articles, books, and special guest speakers.

The mission of EDGE Mentoring in today’s fast and virtual world is simple: to equip high capacity, emerging leaders in a wide variety of fields to become all that God is calling them to be, in all aspects of their life. Through consistent and simple virtual meetings, EDGE Mentoring can equip these leaders to change the world around them. Hopefully, taking on the role of equipping others to do the same; thus, perpetuating the model and extending the impact it has.

What is the connection between Truth@Work and EDGE Mentoring?

EDGE Mentoring is an initiative of Truth@Work designed to equip the next generation of Godly leaders. Instructing them with Biblical principles and a curriculum in accordance with the Truth@Work tradition.

What is the connection between the America's Best Hope event and EDGE Mentoring?

America's Best Hope is a conference that helps to raise awareness of the need for discipleship and mentorship in our society and culture. EDGE Mentoring helps to facilitate and fulfill that need by equipping leaders to mentor the next generation of Godly leaders with a "turn-key" system and an effective curriculum.

What happens after the November 15th event?

After the America’s Best Hope event, attendees to the event will have several options at their disposal, including, but not limited to:

1) Do nothing

2) Leverage tools and resources provided to them at the event to Mentor and Disciple someone at their church

3) Apply as a Mentor or Mentee in Truth@Work’s EDGE Mentoring program

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